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Price list


Our prices are affordable and depend on the text complexity, its length and time available for translation. The ranges given below apply to translations in the first language group, which constitute 80% of our translations, and cover a whole range of texts from general to highly specialized ones.

All prices are based on a page of 1,800 characters (30 rows x 6 characters).

Polish → foreign language / foreign language → Polish 5 and up to 5 pages a day:
private and business letters PLN 30,00 – 35,00
standard operating instructions, training materials PLN 40,00 – 48,00
scholarly and scientific articles, publications, websites, specialist technical texts

PLN 50,00 – 60,00

Certified translations:

Translations of documents, e.g. diplomas, certificates, notarial deeds, birth and marriage certificates, invoices, vehicle registration documents, agreements, extracts from commercial registers, etc.

All prices are based on a page of 1,125 characters (25 rows x 45 characters).

5 and up to 5 pages a day:
Polish → foreign language PLN 39,00
foreign language → PolishPLN 36,00


Consecutive PLN 90.00-120.00 per 1 hour of work (minimum for 3 hours)


PLN 1200.00 per 1 day of work of one interpreter (1 day = 8 hours)

  • All prices are ex VAT.
  • Any orders to translate more than 5 pages daily + 50% per page.
  • Any orders to translate more than 10 pages daily + 100% per page.
  • Proofreading – 50% of the 1 page rate.
  • Negotiable prices in case of large orders!
  • Free preliminary cost estimates in case of large orders.
  • Important for long standing clients! Urgent short jobs charges at regular rates!
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tel./fax: +48 61 879 15 75 e-mail: biuro@abc-tlumaczenia.pl , abct@onet.pl
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